Cutting-edge logistic for electronic industry for transport, delivery, installation and repairs

We know the main peculiarities when it comes to transporting, storing and distributing electronics equipments, either for its high value or its complexity

We combine training and technical knowledge of the team to provide logistic processes from the origin to the installation and checking of the electronic equipment with the customer. we also have the ability to provide intelligence and monitoring systems to ensure security at all stages of the logistics process.
All these qualities presented are proven through excellent results achieved through logistics services developed along big companies such as samsung, latam and others.

Our differentials in technology solutions

We invest in constant specialization, infrastructure, technology and trained staff to attend the electronics industry, offering the best services with the following differentials:

  • Technical team

    Installation and checking of the products with the customer

  • 24h support

    Flexible technical support for customers

  • Omnipresence

    Your cargo to anywhere you want

  • Online platform

    Applications for tracking and reports

  • Applications

    Diversified and software system integration

  • Big fleet

    Own, diversified with gps tracking and locking system

  • Custom plan

    Ability from planning to execution, the way you want it done

  • Reverse logistics

    Look after your brand’s reputation

Main advantages for technology solutions

Through our specialties applied in intelligent logistics solutions for the technology industry, we provide the following benefits to your business:

  • Protection for your brand’s reputation
  • Agility and punctuality
  • Reduction of your logistical costs
  • Integrated and precise process control
  • Infrastructure and inventory optimization
  • Maximize your sales potential
  • All your processes are safe
  • The most important: the satisfaction of your clients


We have vast experience in Brazil's market along with companies and industries of all types and sizes, working in the field since 1995 with dedicated and responsible commitment. Our company has grown and all the experience we had so far brought us to the USA.

Along with our history, we invest and gain know-how that leads us to offer logistic solutions with trust, efficiency and transparency. It's more than 24 years of ethical work creating strong bonds with our employees, partners and clients.

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Have a cutting-edge logistic for your electronic equipments with us